Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Integral Solutions has an holistic and comprehensive approach to life coaching and personal development aimed at assisting you to bring balance and mastery to life, work and family situations.

Couples Counselling

We offer marriage counselling and guidance, relationship counselling and couples coaching for both heterosexual and same sex relationships.  Understand how to use your current difficulties to grow a stronger, more intimate relationship.


Our Psychotherapy and Counselling services assist you to heal unhelpful past patterns whilst building your individual capacity to live life with more balance, satisfaction and awareness. Understand how to use your current challenges and difficulties to grow a stronger and more resilient you.

Assisting you to find your unique solutions in life, relationships, marriage, and business

The holistic approach that our practice takes toward life coaching, leadership coaching, relationship and marriage counselling means that we are able to help you to more effectively to reduce stress, overcome anxiety and depression, and address your addictions.   Enabling you to shift long-term patterns to unlock growth, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, and providing you with the tools to deal productively with life’s inevitable changes and address relationship issues.  

Integral life coach, Marriage counsellor and Psychotherapist

Tamara Androsoff is a highly qualified life coach, marriage counsellor, and psychotherapist. She is relatable, empathetic, and has the ability to facilitate change and empower her clients. Tamara has a wide range of qualifications, skills and experience, and is available for telephone or skype coaching consultations.

Generating Transformative Change Course (GTC)

GTC  South Pacific is a proven, research-based program that supports people in growing and expanding to become leaders who facilitate transformation in their chosen area and beyond.

To lead effectively in today’s complex world requires a higher level of both inner awareness and interpersonal skills.

This course is designed to get you there!

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What People Say

“…Weekly meetings have ensured that I have someone to check in with, a place to share the weekly busy-ness of my monkey mind, and to slowly but surely move towards a loving acceptance of the me that exists now…”

“There are no moments where I think ‘Oh, here I am in therapy’; its just two people, with the shared wisdom of life as women in this world, getting down to the business of open communication.”

“…Tamara’s vast experience, clarity and no-namby-pamby attitude was vital for bridging the gap between our male and female understanding of ‘how things really are’…”