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Relationship Counselling

Couples counselling for all types of relationships

Understand how to use your current difficulties to grow a stronger, more intimate relationship. I am experienced in marriage counselling, couples counselling and relationship coaching for both heterosexual and same sex relationships.

Best possible tools for your unique situation or crisis

Grow a healthy relationship

Utilising the best possible tools for your unique situation or crisis and in a safe, confidential, warm and open interpersonal environment, you can begin to talk about the issues that are causing problems and the way forward:

  • Learn how to grow a healthy relationship
  • Understand and change limiting and painful patterns in your relationship
  • Work with unconscious (out of awareness) relational dynamics that are difficult to uncover without the support of a highly skilled psychotherapist
  • Understand how anxieties, worries, past events, disturbing thoughts/fantasies, conflicts may be getting in the way of creating safety and trust in your relationship
  • Understand how to deal with differences (conflict) so that you can work together instead of being at war with each other
  • Learn effective communication strategies
    Deepen intimacy and learn to understand and enjoy each others differences
  • Understand your individual relationship patterns and how they are playing out with your partner

“…Tamara’s vast experience, clarity and no-namby-pamby attitude was vital for bridging the gap between our male and female understanding of ‘how things really are’…”

“…Our sessions with Tamara got us out of a stuck place and deepened our connection. She created a safe environment to explore all elements of our relationship. It was challenging, sometimes tough and scary and always enlightening. Tamara has a wonderful talent and with her guidance we have improved our marriage. Thank you Tamara!”

“…We took a friend’s recommendation to see Tamara. Through her working with us I personally had a rather large shift in the way I felt about being in a relationship full stop, let alone with my husband. Much of my anxiety has settled and my relationship with my kids has improved as well which is interesting because I thought it was already pretty wonderful…”

Marriage Counselling & Relationship Coaching consultations

Initial consultation

The process will start with an initial consultation to assess your personal situation, how I can best serve you and if you both feel we can create a good working relationship.

Consultations are $190 including GST per session

Tamara's services are global​

My services are fully online and available via Zoom or telephone.

I also provide life coaching, psychotherapy and counselling services. Email me to find out more.

Looking for a great coach?

Lets work together to facilitate the changes you are looking for! I am a highly qualified life coach, marriage counsellor, and psychotherapist. I have a wide range of qualifications, skills and over 20 years experience working in the human development field. I am available for telephone or Zoom coaching consultations.
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