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Advanced Coaching

Body, Mind, Spirit & Shadow

Awakening later stages of human consciousness and development

Waking up and 
Growing up

What is advanced coaching?

Advanced coaching is for you if you have been actively engaged in your own development, have done personal work and want to take the next step of growing up and waking up.  To actively engage with life from embodied wholeness while resting in a place of greater spaciousness and connectedness.

Embodied Wholeness

Advanced coaching is in service of  learning to  embody wholeness as you navigate the complexities of  life.  This means understanding your body via somatic awareness, learning to be in relationship with shadow in a way that deeply embraces being fully human and learning to resource and rest in awareness so you are deeply connected and able to meet life with skillful means.

Other services I provide

Stages assessements

Stages is a model of human ego development starting at infancy and moving into increasing levels of differentiation and integration through adulthood.  An assessment can clarify your current level of development and also inform of what comes next in your developmental journey.  To learn more about the model/assessment click here

Supervision for Coaches & Consultants

Supervision can support coaches and consultants with a safe container to discuss challenges with clients in a variety of contexts.  This in turn serves the ongoing development of the practitioner to increase skill and capacity to meet complexity with more presence and awareness.

Developmental Coaching

Supports leaders to understand how their own development increases their ability to lead through complexity.  To develop the skill to keep meeting challenge with grounded presence, and to cultivate healthy relationships that create successful teams and outcomes. 
I was first introduced to Tamara as one of the key faculty on the Generating Transformational Change program which I completed in 2014. I since went on to work with Tamara one on one for over 3 years.

Tamara is a very special teacher, therapist and coach. She embodies stability while radiating warmth and compassion. This makes it safe to show up as yourself. You feel truly seen and acknowledged. This gave me the confidence to begin to do the deep work that I was yearning for yet scared to do.

Tamara also has a unique capacity to challenge with care. She can gently but powerfully support you to challenge your assumptions that are forming your current reality. This shakes you out of your head and back into your body creating a connection to the present. On many occasions in our work together this has literally saved me from spiralling into less constructive mindsets.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tamara. Her skills and way of being are an asset to anyone who is seeking to grow, heal or transform. Her support has been a pivotal part of my development as a human being. I am deeply grateful.
Hamish Riddell

Looking for the next step in your development?

Lets work together to facilitate the changes you are looking for! I am a highly qualified life coach, marriage counsellor, and psychotherapist. I have a wide range of qualifications, skills and over 20 years experience working in the human development field. I am available for telephone or Zoom coaching consultations.
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