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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Grow a stronger more resilient self

Psychotherapy and Counselling assists you to heal unhelpful past patterns while building your individual capacity to live life with more balance, satisfaction and awareness.

Understand how to use your current difficulties to grow, heal and thrive!

Grow a more resilient self

Understand how to use your current challenges and difficulties to grow a stronger and more resilient self. I can help you deal with grief, stress, depression, trauma, divorce, relationship issues, job loss, anxiety and many other life challenges.

Utilizing an integral map in our work together will allow me to serve your healing process with the best possible tools for your unique situation or crisis. Through a safe, confidential, warm and open interpersonal environment you can begin to talk about the issues that are causing you suffering and:

  • Learn how the past may be influencing your present and understand how to free yourself from limiting and painful patterns
  • Work with unconscious (out of awareness) dynamics that are difficult to uncover without the support of a highly skilled psychotherapist
  • Talk about anxieties, worries, past events, disturbing thoughts/fantasies, conflicts
  • Learn to manage stress, intense feelings, over-thinking
  • Understand the change process

An integral approach

Integral psychotherapy and counselling map

What is an integral approach to Psychotherapy & Counselling? Simply, it is a map. 

The best one we have so far of human potential, growth and awareness. It uses all the known systems and models of human growth and potential (psychological, social & spiritual) and distils that information and their components into five simple factors.

The five elements are: quadrants, levels, lines, states and types. These factors are essential for uncovering blocks and facilitating human growth and evolution. 

If you wish to explore this theory in depth then you might like to read the article Introduction to Integral Theory.

Tamara’s ” ability to let me know that on any given day I am enough is priceless. Times are fantastic now – and I now consider my weekly work with Tamara icing on a pretty good cake, rather than a process of picking up the crumbs.”

“Tamara is aware of, and seemlessly incorporates, a variety of approaches to her work. Her understanding of mind, body and spirit seems to be limitless, her capacity to remember feelings, ideas and seemingly small details from previous conversations is amazing and never ceases to surprise me.”

“…Tamara’s wise encouragement has been vital in helping me stay the course….”

Counselling & Psychotherapy consultations

Initial consultation

The process will start with an initial consultation to assess your personal situation, how I can best serve you and if you both feel we can create a good working relationship.

Consultations are $170 including GST per session

My services are global​

My services are fully online via Zoom or telephone

I also provide couples counselling, life coaching services. Email me to find out more.

Looking for a great coach?

Lets work together to facilitate the changes you are looking for! I am a highly qualified life coach, marriage counsellor, and psychotherapist. I have a wide range of qualifications, skills and over 20 years experience working in the human development field. I am available for telephone or Zoom coaching consultations.
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