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Emergent leadership

Engaging the Future from Awakened Wholeness

Engaging the Future from Awakened Wholeness takes you into a deep exploration of what it means to be conscious and whole as a human, living in times of great disruption. These times challenge us individually and collectively in our development and engagement with the world around us.

Awakening the Future of Leadership

We are called to enact and embody deeper capacities to care for each other and the planet, while realizing and embracing our innate wholeness. With these capacities, we can serve the emergence that is possible in our lives, communities, and in the world.

  • Discover and cultivate capacities for fostering emergence and collective intelligence.
  • Become more fully present, agile, and resilient in the midst of ambiguity, complexity, conflict, and shadow.
  • Reveal yourself more authentically, as you identify and release barriers to connection and intimacy.
  • Find a deeper place in your own natural, evolutionary, unfolding development.
  • Explore the relationship between healing trauma and our capacity to be free and creative as individuals and collectives.
  • Find a deeper acceptance of what is and the commitment to engage in the emergence of a more true, beautiful, and just future.
  • Express the play and creativity at the heart of our freedom.
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Generating Transformative Change (GTC)

Leading effectively in today’s complex world

GTC is a proven, research-based program that supports people in growing and expanding to become leaders who facilitate transformation in their chosen area and beyond.

Awakening the Future of Leadership

GTC is a proven, research-based program that supports people in growing and expanding to become leaders who facilitate transformation in their chosen area and beyond. Participants come from around the world, from developed and developing countries alike. To lead effectively in today’s complex world requires a higher level of both inner awareness and interpersonal skills. Today’s leaders no longer act from traditional positions of authority. They encounter a growing diversity of worldviews, values, assumptions, languages and challenges in an interwoven, globally-informed economy. Navigating these diverse worldviews, especially as they continue to evolve and interact into new forms, takes a special kind of awareness.

Transformation into high-functioning, transformative leaders

GTC will transform your consciousness while helping you gain the skills and vision to act creatively and collaboratively in this new and emerging context. 

GTC is an experiential learning program designed to support significant deep shifts and transformations in the participants. 

The program provides the length, breadth, depth, and intimacy needed to support the participants’ transformation into high-functioning, transformative leaders.
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Outcomes of GTC include:

  • Natural, larger sense of yourself and your capacities.
  • Understanding your level of development by working with the leading researched-based framework on adult evolution.
  • Greater personal presence expressed in life and work.
  • Transforming deeply held worldviews, assumptions, values, and long-standing habits.
  • Deeper, more authentic, and powerful communication.
  • Greater ability to collaborate and develop relationship and community.
  • Increased capacity to understand and shift perspectives, improving your ability to influence others towards positive change.
  • Greater trust in internal wisdom and guidance for decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Increased creativity and innovative thinking in life and work.
  • Becoming part of a global collaborative community of transformative leaders.

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