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Client Testimonials

Satisfied clients talk of their improved relationships, self empowerment, success and personal and spiritual development when working with Tamara.

“Human conversation is the most ancient and easiest way to cultivate the condition for change”

“It is incredible how Tamara, in her naturally articulate way, throws light into very complex and challenging situations and opens new avenues of thought on mind, body and spirit. Tamara is a very caring, dedicated and empathetic therapist who is deeply committed to the quality and the integrity of her work. With the use of all her valuable attributes she was able to discretely show me the error of my ways and in some cases, show me the error of the ways that were imposed on me. She helped lift me over the most complex ‘high jump’ of my life. It is with great depth that I continually offer my thanks to Tamara.”

Kia pai o hikoitanga I roto I tenel ao hurihuri

(I wish you well in your future life)” – Pam, Accountant, Auckland

“Working with Tamara has been a profound, life changing experience for me and I’m very grateful to have found her. Working with her has allowed me to affect the type of spiritual and emotional changes that I didn’t even know were possible. It’s rare that you encounter someone who enables you to view the world differently and look fearlessly at who you are. Like any worthwhile undertaking, this journey has been challenging at times but Tamara’s wise encouragement has been vital in helping me stay the course.” – Karen, Writer, Auckland

“Working with Tamara has changed our lives. The rewards are 15 million times more rewarding than the pain endured through the journey. Our lives and relationship are so much easier to navigate with clearer communication with each other and ourselves. Tamara has played a crucial role in this, although she tell’s us we did all the work, she was our guide out of a hamster wheel of old habits that weren’t working. Her vast experience, clarity and no-namby-pamby attitude was vital for bridging the gap between our male and female understanding of ‘how things really are’. We can’t thank her enough. But we’ll keep trying. Thanks Tamara!!!!!!! Thanks. You’re awesome!” – Mark and Tina, Auckland

“My husband said he couldn’t talk to me any more without a third party being there.

That was pretty much the lowest barnacle on the belly of our relationship because he was finally where I was too. Neither of us were happy. I felt guilty because I was scared I didn’t love him anymore. I thought he didn’t really love me (did he even know what love was?). We have two small kids and we are serious about their welfare, but that only served to make the situation more stressful. Things were definitely at a head for the both of us.

We took a friend’s recommendation to see Tamara. Through her working with us I personally had a rather large shift in the way I felt about being in a relationship full stop, let alone with my husband. Much of my anxiety has settled and my relationship with my kids has improved as well which is interesting because I thought it was already pretty wonderful. I absolutely congratulate myself on taking the painful path of honesty and emotional and spiritual growth and I want to thank you too Tamara for your confident challenge to me to become a happier, more peaceful and loving person.  It’s a hard fought freedom, sometimes every day, but it’s worth it.”

“Good relationships takes work and effort and when things get tough it’s important to get professional help. Our sessions with Tamara got us out of a stuck place and deepened our connection. She created a safe environment to explore all elements of our relationship. It was challenging, sometimes tough and scary and always enlightening. Tamara has a wonderful talent and with her guidance we have improved our marriage. Thank you Tamara!”

“Binge eating is a deeply present part of who I am, and has formed and modified many of the ways I present to the world, and eating has been the way I managed my emotions and thoughts. When making my first appointment to see Tamara I wondered if each week the process would be me saying “this week it was doughnuts all the way, followed by a big chaser of chocolate – whaddya gonna do about me?”. Things have turned out to be remarkably different. Yes, sometimes you just want to eat lotsa stuff unconsciously, that’s why you’re here – but Tamara is not about keeping score. If and when ‘fool stuff’ comes up we notice together, talk (or not) and usually find out (again!) that chocolate chasers are the mind’s way of saying “So, you gonna check out what’s going on?” Sometimes you listen, sometimes you don’t, but working with Tamara has made me a more mindful person about what goes in my mouth, and also the words that come out of it!

Tamara has made a connection with my chaos and shown me that all my variations and ups and downs, changes and desires, ideas, passions and aversions are all parts of the beauty of my life, rather than area’s for critisim, denial or disgust. She works slowly, with care and empathy. There are no moments where I think ‘Oh, here I am in therapy’; its just two people, with the shared wisdom of life as women in this world, getting down to the business of open communication.

Weekly meetings with Tamara have ensured that I have someone to check in with, a place to share the weekly busy-ness of my monkey mind, and to slowly, slowly but surely move towards a loving acceptance of the me that exists now, and a gentle smile and hug for the versions of me that have hidden, shone, cowered, danced, crawled and leapt along the way to getting here.

“Tamara is aware of, and seemlessly incorporates, a variety of approaches to her work. Her understanding of mind, body and spirit seems to be limitless, her capacity to remember feelings, ideas and seemingly small details from previous conversations is amazing and never ceases to surprise me. It is those small moments, when she manages to be so connected to me and what is needed next, that keep me coming back. Her ability to let me know that on any given day I am enough is priceless. Times are fantastic now – and I now consider my weekly work with Tamara icing on a pretty good cake, rather than a process of picking up the crumbs.

Of course, that cake is chocolate, double layered and rich. Nothing less would do.” – Sue, Teacher, Auckland